Shalom Farms Service Day


    We’re going on a mission!

    Shalom Farms (Powhatan Farm Location) – Midlothian, VA

    Thursday, July 7th (10am-6pm)


    10:00 am - Depart LUMC (carpool)

    Noon - Arrive at Shalom Farms’ Powhatan Farm location (2676 Venita Road, Midlothian)

    Picnic Lunch

    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm – Volunteer work on the Farm

    4:00 pm - 6:30/6:45 pm – Drive back to Va. Beach*

    *We can decide if we’d like to stop along the way to eat a fast-food dinner or just go directly home.

    The Powhatan Farm is one of two farms run by Shalom Farms and is the primary growing site. It covers 14 acres with nearly 7 acres in production, six hoop houses, and harvests over 500,000 servings of produce a year.

    From planting and harvesting, to weeding and field preparation, volunteers are hard at work almost every day and assist with nearly every aspect of farm operation.

    As first-time volunteers we’ll receive an educational tour at the start of our shift that gives an overview of the Farm’s agricultural operation and food access initiatives across Richmond.

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    Shalom Farms Volunteer Info HERE

    Shalom Farms Volunteer - Things to Know

    LUMC Youth Parental Consent, Medical Emergency & Release of Liability form

    Link to Shalom Farms Volunteer Waiver Form