ONE DAY Can Change Everything

ONE DAY Can Change Everything

What's it all about?

Since 1998, LUMC Youth have been working to alleviate hunger. It’s a mission we take seriously and every year we dedicate one weekend to fasting from food so we can experience first-hand what daily life is like for so many in our world. Through our fast we raise funds to combat hunger, and to date, we’ve raised over $200,000 to meet the most basic needs of those living in poverty. 

This year's 24-hour event will take place March 1st-2nd. It's an AWESOME experience that we’ve come to love - a body and mind-stretching fast from food, with worship and times to connect with God, games and activities that raise our awareness of the challenges faced by those living in poverty around the world, the ever-popular Scavenger Hunt for Food to benefit local food pantries, and a much-anticipated celebration feast to wrap things up.  Then on Sunday, we present a brief report to our congregation to thank them for their support by sharing all that we learned and how we served. 

The funds we raise through individual sponsorships continue the fight against hunger by supporting three organizations that are in front-line ministry with orphans and the poor.  They are El Ayudante in Nicaragua, the Empowering Haitians Food Program in Haiti, and The Ark in Ukraine.

Getting Started

Each participant will need to:

  • Register on the church website.  (Registration closes February 17th.)
  • T-Shirt (optional) - You’ll be able to order during online registration. DEADLINE to order is Feb. 10th. Cost is $10, payable to LUMC Youth. (See more info at the bottom of this page.) 
  • Complete a Parental Consent, Health Record & Release of Liability Form and Code of Conduct Form.  Turn this in or bring with you on March 1st. (REQUIRED OF EVERY PARTICIPANT.)
  • Read Info for Participants.
  • Pick up your Pledge Packet - available within 24 hours after registering from the table in the Welcome Center.
  • Set a personal fundraising goal and get as many sponsors as possible!
  • T-Shirt (optional) - Order during online registration but no later than Feb. 10th. Cost is $10, payable (to LUMC Youth). Info and sample design can be found below.


All Contributions are Tax-Deductible!

  • Pick up your Pledge Packet from the table in the Welcome Center.
  • Set a personal goal. (We hope everyone will try for at least $150!)
  • One hundred percent of everything we raise will be divided evenly between El Ayudante (Nicaragua), Empowering Haitians (Haiti), and The Ark (Ukraine).  Thank you, in advance, for all your efforts to see that God's children are fed and through this they learn of God's love and provision.
  • Checks should be payable to LUMC, with “One Day” and the participant’s name in the memo line.
  • Group Checks - Some sponsors prefer to write one check for all the individuals they sponsor and they turn that check in to Marlene Passarelli.  If your sponsor tells you that they've done this, please indicate that on your pledge sheet.
  • Cash Donations - If a sponsor prefers to pay by cash and would like a receipt, please make copies from the page found in your pledge packet.
  • Online Giving is available through the church website (great for out-of-town sponsors). If any of your sponsors have made an online donation for you, please indicate that on your pledge sheet so you will receive credit for those donations.  Check out TIPS FOR ONLINE GIVING.
  • If you have collected all of your pledges by Friday evening (3/1), please turn in your pledge packet when you check in.  If you have not collected all your pledges, please come prepared to report your total amount raised so we can see how close we are to our goal. 
  • All pledge packets must be turned in by Sunday, March 17th so we can send our funds to the organizations and get them working as soon as possible.  
  • Some fundraising "helps" can be found here: Sample Letter / Sample Social Media Post

Other Stuff

  • T-Shirt (optional) - Order when you register (but no later than Feb. 10th). The t-shirt is available in standard adult sizes - (YS, YM, YL, S, M, L, XL, 2XL).  Cost is $10, payable (to LUMC Youth). Please specify on your order form which size you prefer.  (2018 design at right. 2019 design to come.)
  • Friends outside the church are welcome to join us as long as their parents can help during the weekend in some way. (It takes a lot of adults to provide transportation for Friday and Saturday activities and to chaperone overnight Friday.)
  • If you have concerns about fasting for 24 hours but would still like to fundraise and participate, please speak with Marlene Passarelli.