A Message to Parents and Other Adults:   What will be your legacy?

    Did you know that God is raising up a new generation of evangelists, pastors, missionaries, business leaders and teachers right here at LUMC?  Young people who love God and are serving Him right now in their schools and workplaces, and on their teams. 

    It's an exciting time to be in youth ministry and the rewards are immeasurable.  Might you be the one who encourages the next Billy Graham, or the missionary who will take the Good News to that last unreached tribe, or the teacher who will bring love and hope to a student who feels none?  

    No special experience is necessary.  Just a desire to help young people encounter God and begin or continue in a powerful life-giving relationship with Christ.  Is God calling you to make a difference?  Contact Brandon Capo at capo@lynnhaven.church.