Sign-Up for the Online Pictorial Directory
We're pleased to offer an easy-to-use online pictorial directory for the exclusive use of our members.  It's a simple and quick process to participate!  Just complete the form found HERE and our coordinator will set up your family profile.  There is an option on the form for you to upload a family photo from your computer so choose your photo before starting on the form.  (If emailing the photo directly to our directory coordinator is easier for you, that is another option.)  Once you've completed and submitted your form and your profile  has been created, you'll receive a message directing you to go to Instant Church Directory "Church Member Sign-In" page to complete the registration process.
     We will no longer be providing a printed color directory every few years as we have in the past.  Those directories become outdated almost as soon as we receive them.  The online directory will allow new families to be added continuously, and users will be able to update their contact information* and photos, as needed.  You also have the option to print the directory at any time, if you'd rather have a printed copy.

Questions?  Contact Diane at

*PLEASE NOTE  that this is an online pictorial directory and represents only those who choose to participate online.
     A full printed directory containing contact information for all active members and participants is available in the church office for you to take home. To update information for this directory, plus church mailings and financial contribution statements, please be sure to notify Holly in the church office of any changes in your contact information.

Mobile Device Users:

     For those who would like to sync the directory to their mobile device (iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, Android or Kindle Fire), follow the directions on the HERE to get started.  You'll be able to call, email or text if a phone number or email address is available on the church, staff or family details.  Any changes that are generated on Instant Church Directory Online will automatically download to each member's devices, insuring you always have the latest information.