LAST FAST: Let's End the Need

2018 Dates:  March 23rd-24th
Deadline to register is March 11th.
(Deadline to order a t-shirt is Feb. 25th.)


(Registration closes on March 11th)

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Since 1998, LUMC Youth have been working to alleviate hunger and serve the poor through a fasting weekend, beginning with World Vision's 30 Hour Famine, then Hunger for Haiti, 30 Hours to Change Your World, and now LAST FAST: Let's End the Need.  While the event name has changed over the years, our purpose has not. It’s a mission we take seriously (as well as being one of our favorite activities each year), and we’ve been pleased to raise over $200,000 to alleviate hunger and need around the world.

This year's 24-hour event will take place March 23rd-24th. It's an AWESOME experience that we’ve come to love - a body and mind-stretching fast from food, with worship and times to connect with God, games and activities that raise our awareness of the challenges faced by those living in poverty around the world, the ever-popular Scavenger Hunt for Food to benefit local food pantries, and a much-anticipated celebration feast to wrap things up.  Then on Sunday, we present a brief report to our congregation during regularly scheduled worship services to thank them for their support by sharing all that we learned and how we served. 

The funds we raise through individual sponsorships continue the fight against hunger by supporting two organizations that are in front-line ministry with orphans and the poor.  They are the Empowering Haitians Food Program in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, and The Ark in Kiev, Ukraine.

Since March 2012 the EH Food Program has provided food assistance to several hundred adults and children in and around Cap-Haitien. The program serves churches, orphanages, and AIDS patients (including children who contracted the disease through birth). The program is administered by Empowering Haitians, a 501(c)3 NGO based in Manassas, VA and operating in Cap-Haitien. 

LUMC has maintained a long-term supportive relationship with The Ark in Kiev, Ukraine.  This Christian organization provides a home for orphaned and abandoned children, offering them stability and security, shelter, food, education and spiritual training, and lots of love until they can be returned to a responsible family member or placed through adoption in a “forever” home.  Currently, The Ark is home to 30+ children, and is sheltering several refugee families who have fled the fighting in the East.

Our personal connection to the people of Cap-Haitian and The Ark and the opportunity to see our funds at work “on the ground” (through mission teams) has taken this annual event to a new level.  We hope you’ll be as excited as we are to raise funds to contribute to these life-giving ministries!

LAST FAST is open to all LUMC Youth in Grades 6-12.  Friends are welcome, too, as space allows.  Lots of help is needed so parents and adult volunteers are encouraged to join us!  Join us for the kick-off meeting on Sunday, Feb. 18th at Noon in the Youth Room to receive all the information you'll need to participate, or contact Marlene at

Read more about Empowering Haitians and The Father's Care to learn about other ways you can help.