Confirmation 2017


Confirmation Classes are being offered in four sessions beginning March 17th. Get all the information you'll need below, and then REGISTER HERE.

Confirmation will be offered to current 6th graders (and any other interested students) in four Friday evening sessions.

Our first session will take place on Friday, March 17th (6:30-9:30pm).  Parents are asked to attend this first session.  (You're welcome to attend all other sessions, as well, but there will be some important info just for you at this first one.)  We'll begin in the Sanctuary and then students will move to the Youth Room while parents will meet for a brief time with Pastor Ronnie.  After the Parent Session ends, feel free to join us upstairs for the rest of our student session.  We'll be exploring the basics of faith as well as our special heritage as United Methodists.
We're looking forward to a great time of learning and growing together in our faith.  Questions?  Please contact Marlene Passarelli (


Friday, March 17th (6:30-9:30pm)
Confirmation Session #1

Sanctuary & Youth Room

Friday, March 31st (6:30-9:30pm)
Confirmation Session #2

Youth Room

Friday, April 21st (6:30-9:30pm)
Confirmation Session #3

Youth Room

Friday, April 28th
Confirmatin Session #4
Youth Room

Sunday, May 21st (4-5:30pm)
Confirmation Prep Meeting
Youth Room

Sunday, May 28th (10am) - This is a tentative date.  We'll discuss the Confirmation Ceremony Date to be sure it works for everyone.
Confirmation Sunday Celebration

Confirmation Classes are often thought of as a way to prepare students at a certain age for "membership" in the church.  But Confirmation is really so much more.  CONFIRMATION is an important time in a student’s life – a spiritual milestone – a time when he or she “makes firm” and builds upon the foundation laid by parents and the faith community.  It is a call to discipleship, a call to claim the name Christian for himself/herself. 

Some of the topics we cover include:

Who is God?
The Problem of Sin & God's Plan of Salvation
Our Identity
Jesus Christ - Our Savior & Lord

The Holy Spirit and the Church  
The Bible

The Body of Christ in Action
Our United Methodist Heritage
What United Methodists Believe

Students will be challenged through activities, group interaction and discussion, videos and other media, to consider their personal faith journey.  They will be encouraged to ask questions and we'll seek the answers together through God's Word.  We'll also learn about the church - its history, its sacred practices, its future.  And our hope is that students will be led to discover a personal relationship with Christ and their own role in Christ's Church and God's plan for our world. 

On March 10th (before classes begin), students will have the opportunity to experience the "service" aspect of our faith as the Youth host our homeless guests that evening for dinner (during LUMC's week of Housing the Homeless).  Participation in this is optional but encouraged and parents are (again) welcome to join us.


This is the second year that we are doing Confirmation Classes on Friday evenings instead of during Faith Formation Classes on Sunday morning.  Response after our "test run" last year was very positive, and we all enjoyed having the extra time for a more interactive experience in which to learn about our faith. 

  • A mentor will not be needed for the sessions this year. 
  • We will have a luncheon with the students and their parents to celebrate completion of the classes.  
  • A tentative date of May 28th has been set for the Confirmation Ceremony during one worship service at 10am.  We will discuss this as a group once classes begin and if it is not good for most, we'll find a new date. For those who are not able to attend on that date, we will find a later date where you can be confirmed individually and your classmates will be encouraged to stand with you at that time.  (We're all in this together!)
  • If a student does not yet feel ready to make this commitment, families have the option to choose a time when they feel their child is ready to make the vows of membership.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Marlene Passarelli (