Get Ready to Go Hungry!

GETTING STARTED - Forms and Info

Each participant will need to:


  • We’ve set a group goal of $15,000 for fundraising and we hope you’ll set a personal goal, too.
  • One hundred percent of everything we raise will be divided evenly between the Empowering Haitians Food Program in Cap-Haitien, Haiti, and The Ark Child Protection Center in Kiev, Ukraine, to help with food, healthcare, education and winter heating costs.  The needs are great in both countries. Thank you, in advance, for all your efforts to see that God's precious ones are fed and through this they learn of God's love and provision.
  • Checks should be payable to LUMC , with “Last Fast” and the participant’s name in the memo line.
  • Group Checks - Some sponsors prefer to write one check for all the individuals they sponsor and they turn that check in to Marlene Passarelli.  If your sponsor tells you that they've done this, please indicate that on your pledge sheet.
  • Cash Donations - If a sponsor prefers to pay by cash and would like a receipt, please make copies from the page found in your pledge packet.
  • Online Giving is available through the church website (great for out-of-town sponsors). If any of your sponsors have made an online donation for you, please indicate that on your pledge sheet so you will receive credit for those donations.  Check out TIPS FOR ONLINE GIVING.
  • If you have collected all of your pledges by Friday evening (3/23), please turn in your pledge packet when you check in.  If you have not collected all your pledges, please come prepared to report your total amount raised so we can see how close we are to our goal. 
  • All pledge packets must be turned in by Sunday, April 1st so we can send our funds to Empowering Haitians and The Father's Care/The Ark and get them working as soon as possible.  
  • Registration opens on the church website Feb. 9th (through March 11th).
  • T-Shirt (optional) - You’ll be able to order during online registration. The t-shirt is available in standard adult sizes - (YS, YM, YL, S, M, L, XL, 2XL).  Cost is $10, payable (to LUMC Youth) on or before 3/23. Please specify on your order form which size you prefer.  (2018 design at right)
  • Friends outside the church are welcome to join us as long as their parents can help during the weekend in some way. (It takes a lot of adults to provide transportation for Friday and Saturday activities and to chaperone overnight Friday.)
  • Info on the history of the LAST FAST at LUMC and some background on the recipients of our funds can be found HERE.


This is it - our countdown to LAST FAST:  Let's End the Need!  We hope you're calling everyone you know to support you in this year's Fast. 

Our group goal is $15,000

Link HERE for FAQ's and What to Bring!


Fasting begins at 1pm
on Friday
but if your lunch period falls after 1pm, DO NOT SKIP LUNCH!  Be sure you eat lunch and then start your fast afterwards.  And if your lunch period falls early in the day (some are as early as 10:30am) try to eat something as close to 1pm as possible.  And remember, you will need to start drinking juice within a few hours of beginning your fast so you don't get dehydrated.  You're going to need to be on the top of your game for all the great activities we have planned! 

We'll meet at the church at 6pm on Friday night.  (Sr. High Leaders should arrive at 5:00pm, Adult volunteers by 5:30pm.)  Come prepared to spend the next 19 hours making new friends, having a ton of fun, learning about hunger and poverty and what God calls us to do about it, helping people in our community, and celebrating the goodness of our God. 


On Saturday afternoon, we'll break our fast with a service of Holy Communion at 1pm, followed by a celebration luncheon in the fellowship hall.  Parents can pick you up from the church at 1:30pm.  Family and friends are welcome to join us for our closing in the Sanctuary.


SCAVENGER HUNT FOR FOOD  Some of our drivers are already gearing up for our annual Scavenger Hunt for Food on Saturday morning.  If you want to get a head start, you'll find the list of items we're looking for HERE.  Food items collected will be donated to local food pantries.

COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS  Many of you keep track of Community Service Hours for your school or extracurricular activities.  Mrs. Passarelli and Mrs. Kuenzli are happy to sign off on the hours you spend in Community Service during the weekend (4 hours Friday evening, 4 hours on Saturday, and 15 minutes for each sponsor you get who completes his/her pledge, i.e. 25 donors = 6.25 hours of service).  Sr. High Leaders may also receive leadership hours for the meetings they attend to plan and prepare.  If you would like a signature, please bring your forms with you to the event and they will be signed and ready for you when you leave on Saturday.


Report to the Congregation at 11am on Sunday - The weekend's not over on Saturday afternoon!  On Sunday morning, we'll have one of our participants present a brief "LAST FAST" Report to the Congregation during the 11am worship service.  Plan to wear your LAST FAST t-shirt and join us as we thank our church family that has been so supportive of us and this event for the past 20 years.  

Thank you for taking part in the LAST FAST and for your efforts to reach our group goal.  You truly are making a difference in the world! 

Questions? Contact Marlene ( or Jana (  See you on the 23rd!


Check out some scenes from 2016 (with music by Matthew West - "Do Something"):