EMPOWERING HAITIANS - LUMC participates in mission trips to Haiti twice each year through the ministry Empowering Haitians. As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, finding food is a daily struggle for most of its citizens.  To help meet this immediate need, LUMC began funding in early 2012 an ongoing feeding program through six churches in Cap-Haitien.  The program quickly expanded to include 8 churches and an orphanage and currently 340 people are provided with a meal each day at a cost of 55 cents per person.  Fundraising continues and if you are led to donate, you may do so through the church offering or with our e-giving option.

Our Haiti Teams who travel to Cap-Haitien each January and July have been immensely blessed by their time in this country that faces so many daunting challenges.  We have participated in building homes and churches, installing water systems and solar panels, visiting the hospital, churches and schools, and assisting medical teams in local clinics.  We've also seen and heard how people are benefitting from the Food Program and realize what encouragement it brings to pastors and churches that have so few resources, enabling them to minister to their communities in such a vital way.  We are excited by all that God is doing in Cap-Haitien and feel blessed to partner with our Haitian brothers and sisters who are living out their faith and envisioning a better life for their neighbors.  Currently there are no trips scheduled but if you'd like to join a future team or just need more information, please contact Marlene Passarelli (mpassarelli@lumcvb.org).

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